History Of The School

A Journey so Far…….

In a world where English is the Lingua franca and about 1,500,000 people speak English and another 1,000,000,000 are learning it, we need to awaken to the winds of change in the world around us and widen the horizons of our thinking and working.

, Today 5 English is the key to the world of Science. More than a billion pages of information is available on the web. It is amazing that learning just one language gives access to the knowledge available on the Internet. Only English Language magazines and newspapers can be found in every part of the world. Almost all International Conferences and Competitions are conducted in English. It is known as “the language of communication”. Therefore to survive economically and culturally we need to change with the times.

Accepting  this obvious reality, Anjuman-I-Islam decided to introduce an English medium School with the aim of catering to those of our community who since long had been desiring to send their girls to English Medium Schools, but not at the cost of their culture, tradition and religious beliefs.  Anjuman-I-Islam attempted to fulfill their long cherished dreams in the guise of Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls’ English School

In the year 2001. the sole contribution or the philanthropist. Mr . Haji Abdul Razzak Kalsekar materialized the construction of the new building of the English Medium School. the building was inaugurated  at the hands of his wife Begum Sharifa Kalsekar  and the school was named  after her.  The School stared  functioning in full Swing  from June 2002 with JRG. SR. K.G. and Standard I .

At Present, the school runs in perfect harmony and comprises of 3 sections  the Pre-Primary. Primary and the Secondary